Dynamic Walking 2011 – Part IIa (Switzerland)

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I uploaded some more photos from the whole Dynamic Walking adventure of this summer past. I included the first half of the photos from Switzerland, you can find them here (Facebook again). Thanks for looking! :)

Dynamic Walking 2011 – Part I (Berlin)

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I really wish I could upload photos here more easily and in a way that they could be commented on (and in the case of Flickr, without needing an account). So, alas, since everyone and their mother uses it, Facebook wins this time. Aaaaanyway, I’m starting to upload my photos from my trip to Europe this past summer (finally, I know, I’m trying!) since I’m on vacation now. :D Check ’em out here (if this link even works).


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Oy vey, that’s probably the most common blog post title in the Pittsburgh area right now. Anyway, I was commanded to upload the photos I took during my stroll through post-apocalyptic Squirrel Hill. You can find some of them on my website. This has got to be my quickest camera to internet time ever! As always, let me know what you think. :)

Speaking of my website, you should check it out if you haven’t recently. I’ve added a bunch of content, even if the site itself still isn’t very presentable (also, probably half of the photos are in the wrong color space for internet viewing, grr…). Here’s the link: http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/jmcaputo/.


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First of all, this is ridiculous, WordPress just lost all of the text for my post. ::angry face::

Anyway, ::angry face::, the weekend following the Joshua Tree trip began on Friday with a bike ride through the Angeles National Forest with fellow CMU student and coworker, Scott. We left work a bit early and got a ride from fellow CMU student and coworker, Ross, who did not partake in the bike riding, to near the top of Mount Wilson (which you saw in an earlier post). Throughout the past week, Scott built up my excitement for the ride with tales of a ride through Angeles he did a couple of weeks earlier. We decided to take the same trail that he did, a long, undulating, and diverse trail that wound up back at JPL. The trail took us down something like 3000 ft, but went up, down, and across many, many hills along the way, which ensured that we were exhausted by the end! I don’t know how long the trail was, but it took us nearly 4 hours to complete. This did include a couple of stops, once to repair Scott’s flat front tire and once to battle a rattlesnake! Fortunately there were no snake bikes or any other catastrophic accidents, though I did have a lovely crash that nearly sent me down a 20 ft slope. The trail and the scenery was pretty stunning, raging from scary, rocky, downhill paths through shady, cold, forested areas to scary, narrow, goat paths along steep mountainsides in the blinding sun, amongst cactus and lizards. It wasn’t actually all scary, but it was mostly beautiful! Other than the aforementioned rattlesnake, which we eventually dispatched with a very large branch that sent it careening down a precipitous mountainside, we encountered a very colorful snake that I think was a king snake, various rodents and lizards, a huge variety of plants, and a gang of irritating, angry gnats (they were hanging out in what was probably the only not-beautiful area, which was also the only wet area). Eventually we made our way back, starving, exhausted, filthy, and with skeletons just about shaken apart. Some areas of the trail painfully illustrated the benefits of full suspension bikes, but overall I was very happy with my trusty bike, which didn’t fail me once. The ride made me realize it was definitely worth bringing it along!

The next day, Saturday, I was too sore/tired to do much, so it wasn’t until Sunday that I embarked on another adventure worth photographing. I met up with Heather and her friends, David and Jenn, for a visit to LA. The first stop was a performance of Spamalot (which I’ve now seen 3 times!) at the Ahmanson Theater in downtown LA (near the shiny Disney Concert Hall). Afterwords, we wandered over to Hollywood, where we visited some attractions, such as the Walk of Fame, the amazingly busy Amoeba Records, and Universal Studios.

Also, during the following week I finally took some photos of the high-bay where I worked all summer!

As usual, enjoy, comments welcome, and I hope to have another update soon! :)

BMW 325i

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I got around to uploading some photos from a shoot I did before the summer. Check them out on either on either Flickr or my website (Part 1 and Part 2) if you’re interested. :-)

A National Park Named after a Tree

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The weekend following the 4th of July was destined to be an epic one. The plan was for Heather, Matt, Nick, Shaddi, and I to leave Friday, immediately after work, for Joshua Tree National Park and pitch a tent at whatever campground struck our fancy. As we drove through the grand entrance to the park, along miles and miles of smooth, curvaceous blacktop, we were struck by the beauty and sheer scale of the park. The land on either side of the road, extending as far as the eye could see until the mountains off in the distance, was full of strange Joshua Tree “forests” and enticing piles of rock to climb on. But the setting sun forced us to push onward in our search for an uncrowded campground which took until darkness to find. The first objective for the next day was a mill and a dam located in a vast flatland littered with towering formations of rock, the same sort that had enticed us the day before. After spending the morning and early afternoon in this area, we sought something different, a natural oasis, in another area of the park. After much driving, rising of temperatures, and building of excitement about the oasis, we arrived at the trail head that supposedly led to the 49 Palms Oasis. We set out on the 2 mile trail (4 mile round-trip), which sounded easy enough. Within minutes, however, the venue for this Saturday stroll was aptly nick-named Mordor by Heather, because of it’s crushing heat, blinding sun, and unforgiving terrain. After a butt-whooping hike, our immediate objective was to find a place in the back-country to camp, and in my exhaustion I neglected to take any photos until the next day, when we took a drive to the top of a very tall peak. We then set off for Pasadena, through a part of the park that transitions from the Mojave Desert into the vastly different Colorado Desert. Because I drove the whole weekend I did not take any photos during any of the driving, which is unfortunate, in a way, as there were many miles of amazing views. Well, there’s always next time. I don’t think I’ll go during the summer again! Anyway, check out the photos below, comments welcome as always. :)

A Very Marrie 4th of July

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Sorry about the terrible pun and about the delay in making this post, I’ve finally responded to your pestering! :)

Anyway, Alicia came to visit for the 4th of July weekend. Her arrival was much anticipated and her stay sadly brief, but we were able to pack in a thrilling tour of Caltech, a thrilling tour of Pasadena, and a wonderfully American fireworks spectacular. Here is a selection of the resulting photographs with some accompanying details:


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